MEDICAL SUPPORT MANAGEMENT is in a position of providing, to any medical facility and / or doctor's surgery, located anywhere in Italy, a comprehensive SERVICE that includes: transporting, installing, testing and training for the following:



MEDICAL SUPPORT MANAGEMENT’s corporate aim is the delivery of specialist healthcare and outpatient services in establishments with or without hospitalisation facilities in favor of affiliated third party and/or private establishments. Its "main Mission” is the provision of an innovative and flexible management service for any type of healthcare facility. The company's "Core Business” is that of surgical and diagnostic services in the field of Ophthalmology, which are carried out in the following stages: - procurement, training, planning, consultancy, leasing, before and after service assistance. Thanks to the expertise it has acquired over time, the company is in a position to support healthcare facilities that are under contract throughout all the different stages of its operational processes, ensuring the necessary professional skills for each of them in order to support medical and paramedical staff working within your establishment. What is more, through an extensive network of agents, spread across the entire region, it is capable of advertising the services offered, directly to the final physician.



as a company was founded with the idea of optimising the management of human resources and equipment, working within the Opthalmology sector of healthcare establishments. Characterised by modern updating processes, and rapid obsolescences, public, just like private spending, now encounters great difficulties in ensuring its patients receive a healthcare service that is in keeping with the times.