Having highlighted the countless advantages of the service offer, the signing of the contract then follows.

The contract shows, in a simple and concise manner: the ways of accessing the service; the list of the equipment used, (including disposables); the guarantees on the maintenance and servicing carried out; the type of billing for services provided, and the whole organisation of the service. To coincide with the signing, lists of doctors under contract with Medical Support Management srl will be handed out, with the related personal documentation for the same.





The closing out of the contract is followed by the the START-UP phase

At this initial stage of the working relationship, all the internal procedures to be followed in order to optimise the services offered, will be put in place through the issuing of specific (operational modules). Your employees, working in this sector, will be supported by our own staff in seeking out the best ways of correctly managing human resources and the equipment to be employed in this activity. 



After the initial start-up phase and once the procedures to be followed have been put in place, it is time for the equipment to be delivered.

Our qualified technicians will oversee the transporting, installation and testing all of the equipment included in the contract; they will also issue copies of any legally required certificates, contracts of routine and extraordinary maintenance and servicing contracts, and user manuals for the same.

Once the equipment has been delivered and tested, it will be time to supply the disposable materials required for the different surgical procedures. In order to gain operational peace of mind, it is envisaged that your establishment will have a small storage facility to support the surgical procedures and provide customised kits for each individual operator. Deliveries are guaranteed to take place within 12-24 hours.